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FrnkIero AndThe Cellabration- Stomachaches

tumblr_n8dju79Dpo1s1lqheo1_500Frank Iero makes a fighting comeback with his debut Stomachaches, recorded in his own home studio named b.calm together with Hassle Records. This highly anticipated release follows the break- up of former band My Chemical Romance. Remaining undeterred, Frank keeps busy with Death Spells, an electronic hardcore act, post-hardcore band Leathermøuth and the more recent FrnkIero AndThe Cellabration, a moody pop punk revival.

Opening with All I Want Is Nothing, an adrenaline pumped treasure that echoes bands like Blink 182. Following by the gritty single Weighted, which many fans would have already watched the gruesome video for. Thrashy Stitches is distinguished by its glorious steady drumming played by ex My Chemical Romance drummer Jarrod Alexander. Where Frank screams the words ‘I want what I want. I need what I need… I am the seventh son. I have my father’s eyes. I am a loaded gun.  I am the setting sun’ halting to an abrupt end.

Frank Iero crafts an album which claims an unapologetic, blunt and angst derived sound with clean rock choruses. The demo for Joyriding was released on Youtube a year ago and feels a lot more bouncy and upbeat. Resonating Nirvana is Guittripping, a bass crammed anthem, hugely different to the rehearsed sound of MCR, overly chaotic Leathermøuth and Death Spells. Lastly, Where Do We Belong, which continues to endure desperate groans and infectious choruses. All in all, Stomachaches is abrasive, self-loathing, uncompromising and feels like the start of something special.

Words by Sarah Stevens.